It is the very reality of the business world – we live and breathe for our customers. We want to do everything within our power to ensure that they are happy with our products and services. And if you own a retail outlet, this need becomes even more apparent because you want your customer service staff, the design of your outlet to impress POTENTIAL customers who walk in per chance.

If you manage to impress them, you get the second chance to KEEP them as your customer. And if you are really good at it, they might even bring you even more customers in the form of their friends and family members.

With that kind of mounting stress on the importance of making a good impression, here is how you can make an even better impression on your customers and potential customers when they walk into your store.

Reinvent it once in a while to give your store a refreshing look.

Many business owners think that in order to give their store a new look, they need to shut it down for months, arrange for an alternative place so that business does not come to a complete halt while renovation is underway…and bust the budget with it.

No, this is not true at all. If ‘giving your retail outlet a fresh new look’ is what you are looking for, here is what we are looking at. A fresh coat of paint. New racks. Creative ways to arrange your products. Moving of the counter to a better location. Installation of better shopfitting products. A few new shelves. Maybe a bunting here, a bunting there, a banner here, a banner there, a poster here, a poster there.

And that is about it.

Renovation is necessary only if you are trying to combine two outlets into one so that you have more space to display more of your products or if you want to completely revamp your company or business’ image and branding. Otherwise, giving your retail outlet a brand new look is quite simple and, frankly, costs much less than your active imagination would have you believe.

You might or might not need the help of an interior designer but here is what I would suggest. You either surf the internet for inspiration and ideas or ask your customers what would impress them instead! Who is the better judge? The interior designer or your customers?

And then the next thing you need to do is to get the new shopfitting products, the shelves, the banner and bunting stands, and not forgetting the paint…and you are off.

Source by Ann Y

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