A restaurant is a place where people go and enjoy their food. Several factors are involved in catching the attention of the customers. Along with food quality and taste, it's designing and look is very important. People like to go a place which is well decorated and well furnished as it has a very huge impact on their minds. Interior designing is done according to type of the customers which often visit it. If young people are to be attracted the atmosphere should be lively. Wall color should be light to give a youthful appearance. A live music group can be a boost up to the business as young people are fond of music and they love to enjoy their food with music. If budget is low, recorded music can be played on through speakers but volume should be low to allow the customers talk with each other too.

Taste and quality of the food is the basic factor which makes regular customers for a restaurant. For this reason, good chefs must be hired and food prices should be kept at a medium level because it is better to earn money through large number of regular customers than through little number of customers by setting food prices much too high.

Some people require privacy to enjoy food with their friends and family, so there should be a separate place for them where music volume should be very low. In a restaurant, good behavior of staff to deal with the customers is very important. Bad behavior can affect its reputation badly resulting in bad publicity. In addition, floor plan and furnishing should be according to its need and type. Light weight tables and chairs are mostly preferred because they are easy to be moved from one place to another for the purpose of floor cleaning.

Source by Sarah Nabila

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