Mostly people get floor mats to keep the home clean from the outer dust, especially for the dirt that shoes bring from outside. Home decor is sort of a secondary thing in your mind while going to buy the floor mats, as floor mats add much more value to your home cleanness rather than to home d├ęcor. But when you ask the store’s sales man for the floor mats he might not pay attention to this fact and ask you for the color, price and size.

So when you going to buy mats, keep in mind that first preference is home neatness. Most commonly mats available in market are made up of Olefin or Polypropylene fabrics with the backing of either latex or vinyl. These materials are too smooth that they are not much affective against the dirt.

So the floor mat should be thick enough that it should absorb maximum dirt from shoes. Another key characteristic of the mat is that it should be easily washable. If the dirt cannot get in or get out of the mats easily then in both cases it is not a good mat. Similarly if the mat affects the flooring by discoloring the portion underneath it, then it is not a good mat. Another rule is if the mat is too expensive then it is not a good dirt mat.

My recommendation is rubber backed nylon mats. These mats are easily washable. It is recommended to wash them every three months or even before that if required. The good thing about these mats is that they are machine washable, so washing them again and again is not a problem and they also don’t lose color in frequent washes. These mats are best against the dirt and they can provide the maximum protection to your home carpet.

Source by Farah N

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