Getting antique clocks is a sensitive process because there are a lot of frauds that can occur during such process. There are some factors that you should keep your consideration when you are buying such type of old clocks. In the beginning, you should know that the value of an antique clock is determined according to several factors.

The first factor is how old is that clock, clocks from old historical eras and especially those who commemorate specific situations have higher value than other ordinary or more recent clocks. If you intend to buy one of the antique wall clocks then you should be prepared to pay a monetary value equals to the historical value of the clock.

The second factor is the maker of the clock. Antique wall clocks always have the signature or the name of the clock maker. When you check antique clocks make sure that the name or the signature engraved on it is genuine because it could be forged easily. Make sure to compare the signature to another genuine clock of the same maker to get a better judgment. If the seller is asking for a huge price then it is better to get an expert to assess it for you.

The third factor is where you are buying your antique wall clocks. Always choose these people you can trust and those who have and maintain a good reputation in the market to deal with. If you are dealing with a seller then run a quick search about him on the internet or if you are dealing with auction house then it is better to ask some experts to know if they sell genuine items or not. Also the guarantee offered by the seller is something that you need to check thoroughly. To not accept verbal guarantee but put everything to a piece of paper, especially if you are paying a lot of money for this antique clock.

The fourth factor is the condition of the clock. There are several antique wall clocks that have a replaced mechanism or replaced glass and these could be sold for much less price so, do not be fooled by the outer finish of the clock, make sure that everything is original or make a price discount. Sometimes, scam sellers may take the mechanism of an old clock and put it in another casing of another clock so, make sure that you are buying genuine antique wall clocks.

Source by Will Crawk

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