For people who have lower than normal ceilings in any room the answer to their situation is simple, buy a low profile ceiling fan. Depending upon preferences you can acquire one in any style, design or format. Nowadays there is a fan for everyone.

Deciding upon a fan that will go well with the dimensions of the desired room is a major factor in creating comfort as well as saving energy.

The majority of low profile ceiling fans are calculated by their blade extension, with the average being three to five blades, ranging anywhere from 36 inch to 42 inches. The standard fans are fifty two inch five-bladed fans for rooms 400 square feet, 44 inch fans for up to 225 square feet, 42 inch for 144 square feet, leaving a low profile fan with 36 inch blades appropriate for 100 square feet or under.

In the summer and autumn seasons a low profile ceiling fan will significantly reduce your air-conditioning costs and still cool you off. The better the air movement is, the cooler you will feel. Mix both fans and air conditioner and you will have a greater effect. Your home may not really be cooler but by adding a fan the motion of the air will make you body feel cooler and while your putting all that heat on ice, you’re lowering your electric costs.

Whether it is a standard fan or a low profile ceiling fan, motors are usually three speeds – high, medium and low. The ultimate objective is to select the correct fan for the desired room, setting it to rotate so that it will successfully cool or recoup any heat. An appropriately sized fan will be practically soundless as little by little it revamps the atmosphere.

Ceiling fans can be placed in any room in your home regardless of the square footage. Rooms such as bathrooms and attics often have low ceilings and are perfect for these types of flushed fans. Many times fans with lights are frequently mounted in place of traditional light fixtures. More often than not, the most logical place for any fan is the midpoint in the room utilizing the regular switch wiring that is used to power the ceiling light.

Remote controls permit you to run both the light and fan from the coziness of your favorite recliner. Some remotes are more complex than others as they include programmable timers as well as automatically alter fan speed according to room temperatures.

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