Jade beads are one of the most beautiful types of beads, because they are such vivid colors and they are made of a really resilient material. Jade usually consists of either jadeite or nephrite, however some unscrupulous companies will sell beads labeled as "jade" which are not actually made of jade material. Some companies think that they can claim that any beads which are green are made of jade, even though this clearly is not correct! If you want to find out whether the beads which you have received are actually made of jade, then you should abide by the following pieces of advice.

Jade cannot be found in every country of the world, so you should look at the country in which the jade beads originate to find out whether they are real. Whilst jade beads can be bought and sold in countries where jade is not mined, most authentic beads will state their country of origin, so that buyers know where the jade was mined from. Burmese Jade (jade from Myanmar) is often the most expensive, because jade from this country is often considered to be of the best quality. Columbia, Australia and Malaysia also mine a lot of jade.

In most cases, jade is a vivid green color, although it is actually possible to find some jade items which are different shades. These rare jade pieces are authentic jade, but they have a slightly difficult chemical composition which means that they are not bright green. If you look at jade beads in a bright light, you should be able to see their unique structure. In front of the light, you should be able to notice an intertwining fibrous interior which is reminiscent of asbestos fibers. This appearance is hard to fake, so if you find beads that have this structure which can be seen though a magnifying glass, then the chances are that you will be holding a real jade piece.

Jade stones are quite dense, and you should be able to notice this if you compare them to other green beads. If you feel a variety of different green colored beads, then you should notice that the jade items feel a little heavier than the other ones that you have been feeling. If you have an item that you know to be real jade, you can also compare the density of your beads with that. Many people often feel surprised at the weight of small beads, because they are expecting them to be much lighter than they actually are.

Touch and Scratch
If you touch the beads you should notice that they feel smooth and almost soapy. Most jade beads will feel cold when they are touched at first, although if you hold them in your hands for a while, they will begin to on some of the warmth from your hands. You will also find that they beads do not scratch easily under normal conditions, unlike some forms of plastic which are used to impersonate jade beads.

Source by Ador Talukdar

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