In today’s world, we look for ways to make things easier; we search for that perfect marriage of both simplicity and beauty. This is basically how modern design can be best described. It forgoes the unnecessary and gravitates towards a more straightforward art and style.

Modern interior design started at Bauhaus School of Design in Germany back in 1919, by a group of European designers and architects. This new age design sprung out from the school’s philosophy in combining form and function in designing. They eliminated what is superfluous and focused on functionality through simple shapes. It was also at this time that they started to use industrial materials like metal and glass to create furniture, such as tables.

The modern interior design is characterized by sleek and clean lines and an uncluttered look. It is a stark contrast from traditional ones which emphasizes more on intricate forms and ornate embellishments. You don’t see much going on in a space, but it doesn’t leave the element of style out of the picture.

Color palettes in modern interior design are more of the neutral shades, such as brown, black, white or beige and the occasional reds. It creates a subdued type of mood which makes a perfect background for key pieces or furniture to gain more focus.

The kinds of furniture used in modern designs are also in dark wood tones or in plain and stark colors, which creates an air of sophistication and class. There are no little figurines that line the shelves or any colourful knickknacks that adorn every nook and cranny. Instead, it only uses few key pieces to accentuate. It holds true to the saying that less is more.

The architecture of modern design can be distinguished through angular lines, geometric shapes and polished surfaces. Good lighting (both natural and artificial) are also necessary to show the forms and grooves that adds character to a space.

Much of the inspiration from modern design came from the Japanese sense of style. If you went into a Japanese home or restaurant, you would see that it is a far cry from Spanish settings or old-American designs. They only make use of key furniture, while surroundings remain uncluttered for the purpose of maintaining enough space for easy movement. You can see here that they utilize what is called functional design. Without deviating from style, they only use what is necessary.

Modern interior design is also confused with contemporary design. What most people don’t know is that the two are different. A contemporary style on design is more of the trendy looks which are the “in thing” at the moment, whereas modern interior design is the general clean and geometric style of designing. A modern interior design can be part of a contemporary style.

Nowadays most homeowners, especially in urban and suburban places, are going for that clean and streamlined look. They want less clutter, as well as less and easier cleaning, considering their on-the-go lifestyle. Modern interior design has definitely created that right blend of style and function, which is perfect for the modern individual.

Source by Donald Pang

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