From Wakefield in England

To Wakefield in Michigan

Beauty conceived in Yorkshire

Beside the fancy of river Caldor

Michigan’s Wakefield, city of Gogebic County

A plat of George Mix Wakefield of 1886

Beauty titled Merrie City

Of ancient middle ages

Land of mine, mineral and Iron ore

Is Michigan’s Wakefield

England’s Wakefield, embassy of the war of the Roses

Landof Breedingwool

Seat of West Riding County Council

Conceived as Waca’s field

The old English wack, a watch or a wake

A land where a wake is held

A land of bronze and Iron

Come, See a land of shipment

See two lands of Wakefield

See Michigan’s Wakefield in England’s Wakefield.

From Warwick in the United Kingdom

To Warwick in the United States

The county town housing 25,434

The town of England’s Warwick

Land of contemporary Music

Known to be Warwick Race Course

On a medieval town’s west gate

A twinned unity with Samur

And Germany’s Verden

Of 1976 and 1986

A participator of One World Link

A joining of Bo in Sierra Leone

Grand accommodator of castle Hill Baptist Church

United States’ Warwick

Of Samuel Gortone’s settlement

Carriage of my textiles, metals and pipe

Express music arena in unity

With Nathanael Greene’s birth

Originated to mean dwellings of the weir

The twin towns called Warwick

Of England and United States in America.

From Weston in Malaysia

To Weston in Michigan

Weston, Malaysia

West coast town prided

As a town of the state, Sabah

Traced to the Interior Division South of capital

Sabah of the Capital, Kota Kinabalu

Beautiful among other towns

Carved alongside

The pan Borneo Highway

Weston of Michigan

Prided sister to Michigan’s Wakefield

A flowing town of milk and honey

I can’t wait to savour

Who would give a better sight?

A sight of love and hope so dear

Aside from Weston and Weston

Weston of Malaysia

And Weston of Michigan

A twin unity, the twin confledge

Joint heirs called

Both Weston and Weston

Weston for Malaysia, the Weston bestowed on Michigan.

From West Minster in the United Kingdom

To West Minster in California

UK’s bridge across River Thames

Associated with

Right Honorable Gordon Brown MP, Former Prime Minister

Sir Paul Nurse, Nobel Laureate for Cancer Research

Dr. Williams Philip, my Physics Nobel Laureate

Fine Novelist, Ben Okri

Still in association with

Author, Self Will; Mark Thompson, BBC Kingpin

Charles Saumarez Smith, royal Academy of Arts

Barrister Micheal Mansfield QC

Tara Flood of Alliance for Inclusive Education

Inexhaustible list, through with mention of

Lord Herman Ouseley, once for Commission of Racial Equality

Designer Wayne Hemingway and

John Leckie, my record producer

West Minster, California anchored in Orange County

Name constructive from Westminster Assembly

The Tri-City Orignality: Westmister, Barber City, Midway City

Cool Westminster’s area of land at 26.2km

Try the sights of UK and California.

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