Among the many floor rugs that are sold today, a zebra rug is one of the most interesting. It’s an instant reminder of the wild and can transform your room from plain to attractive. Zebra rugs have a timeless classic appeal and look good in any home. Owning a zebra rug means you should know how to clean them. There are many types of zebra skin rugs out there, so know which your type is and take care of it the right way.

The first type of rug is the zebra rug made from actual zebra skin. As this rug can cost you quite a high price, it is important that you know the right way to keep it clean as it is quite an asset to own. For a real zebra skin, you need to clean it about once a week. A regular vacuuming will help keep dirt, sand and dust away from your rug. If there is too much dirt on the rug, you can even give it a good shake. This will let the dirt come off much easier.

If you have accidentally spilled anything, or see a stain or a spot on it, immediately clean it up. Use mild dry foam upholstery cleaner and a soft washcloth. Don’t use any harsh chemicals or use a rough cloth. And avoid scrubbing as this can damage the skin. Air dry it after you have cleaned it. Do not place any heat on it. You should also remember not to place your rug in any area that receives direct sunlight, as the skin may fade or age fast. Also remember to never submerge it in any liquid as this will cause the rug to shrink and in turn destroy the rug.

The second type of rug is the zebra print rug made from hide or skin. For these rugs, a regular weekly vacuuming will help keep the dirt and dust off the rug. For stains or spots, use a simple solution of mild soap and water to get rid of the problem areas. You can even have your rugs steam cleaned, as long as you remember not to soak the backing of the rug.

The third type of rug is the zebra print rug made from wool or synthetic materials like acrylic, nylon and polypropylene. Wool zebra rugs benefit from a vacuuming at least once every week. Any spills need to be blotted and cleaned immediately. You can have your wool rug professionally cleaned every one of two years. The same also applies to the synthetic zebra print rugs.

Taking proper care of your zebra rug will ensure that it retains its beauty and lasts longer.

Source by Stacy McKenna

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